WonderShowz has a wide variety of rides for the younger set. Our kid rides are geared for riders under the age of 10 who are not ready for some of the larger attractions. These rides are all brightly decorated with multi colored flashing lights, bright paint, and some feature cute characters that children adore. Many of our rides actually allow an adult to ride with their child!
Ferris Wheel

Yes, the iconic ride downsized for the kids. Our wheel has a beautiful light package that looks great at night!  Seats up to 16 children depending on size and weight.

Frog Hopper

The Frog Hopper lifts you up into the sky, and then bounces you down safely back to earth. It is a vertical ascent and bounced descent amusement ride providing fun for up to seven riders. Everyone will want to hop along with the troupe of brightly colored t...

Kiddie Carousel
Our 5 pony Kiddie Carousel is sure to be a hit with younger children. The carousel has five hand painted horses that are stationary. The carousel spins at a slow speed so smaller children are not afraid of riding. Parents can sit down in the center of the ride...
Little Swing Ride

Watch your kids have the time of their life while they are sitting in this bucket type swing and being swirled around. This mobile swing ride can accommodate up to 6 children, 10 and under. And, unlike adults, it never gets tired!